hi, i'm arrow! i play video games. but mostly splatoon 2.

ϟ arrow, she/her
ϟ mid-20's, gemini☼ leo☾⇈
ϟ chinese-american cdt/cst
ϟ lesbian☭
ϟ intp ravenclaw true neutral
ϟ computer engineer/ex eng major

i own the switch with my roomies but i still play the most.

◍ custom hydra splatling main
◍ heavy, ballpoint, mini, squiffers, tri-sloshers, bloblobbers, shooters
◍ extremely versatile

max ranks:
splat zones x tower control s+2 rainmaker s+1 clam blitz s+0 salmon run profreshional 600+

fc: sw-3799-3686-0675
discord: pasta cheval#7935

hmu for salmon, league, private battles, or w/e! if we voice chat, there's a chance you'll hear my irl name from my roomies, which is not a deadname. aliases & all that.

i'm a serial map checker sorry if you watch my posted clips. also serial booyah-er which i have no shame about.

if you're not the type of person i'd like to engage with, i'll block you; otherwise, i don't care much about who follows me. follow / unfollow / block at your own discretion. i like finding Girl Gamers and LGBT Gamers to follow.

things to know:
✪ i swear a lot
✪ i read everyone's carrd/byf/etc. before i follow them
✪ this twitter account is only for video games
✪ however, i may interact with non-vg tweets that you may see
✪ also mostly sfw; anything nsfw i will always tag/warn for
✪ sometimes i may tweet or play while inebriated (drunk/high)

♔ me ♔


♔ gamers ♔